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2 Seconds Of Closing

From Single Compartment to Multiple Compartments, providing more choice and better experience when eating out of pre-packed meals.

Microwave Packaging Singapore not facilitates the sensation of possibilities imaginable; we also create the art of cooking inside the microwave oven, turning possibilities from unimaginable.

In any operations, especially in the F&B industry, packing food need to be Fast, fast, fast..because
Fast = more business
Fast = retaining maximum temperature of the food
Fast = maximum protection from ‘Atmospheric’ Contamination etc..

Closing a TiC.ToB* HealthyPack can be done within 2 seconds..

* Tapered inwards.Cover.Tapered outward Base

1. FACE THE COVER AWAY FROM YOURSELF. 2. Pull the 2 side flaps of the cover outwards (refer arrows). 3. Press downwards the front flap of cover (refer b b) of the 2nd drawing.

4. Cap the cover over the base unit. 5. Press inwards the (a a) line, to make the Mouth of the base smaller than the mouth of the cover.

6. Release the (a a) line to complete the closing procedure. The base and cover will become interlocked when closed. This procedure can be done within 2 seconds.

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