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Multiple Compartments Bento

Providing More Choices andBetter Experience

From Single Compartment to Multiple Compartments, providing more choice and better experience when eating out of pre-packed meals.

Microwave Packaging Singapore not facilitates the sensation of possibilities imaginable; we also create the art of cooking inside the microwave oven, turning possibilities from unimaginable.

How Does It Work?

See illustration.

Multiple compartments are separated by ‘bridge’ that is 100% leak proof. It also providers a ‘V’ shape air gab isolating temperature cross over’s maintaining food that is Hot to remain hot, Cold to remain Cold by as much as possible.

HealthyPack’s multiple compartments bento box it not just for take-away cooked meals BUT also a magnificent cooking utensils inside the microwave oven.

Food Containers made from eco-friendly paper

Multiple Compartments Bento

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