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Profitable and Beneficial

打包 $0.20

In Singapore, it is a common practice that consumers separately pay for containers whenever a take-away meal is purchased. Especially plastic containers – usually $0.20 to $0.50 each. Foam versions are free, thus the vendors lost a few cents on each 打包 sales.

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Profitable and Beneficial

  • By charging $0.20 to $0.50 for takeaways, vendors will make a few cents each. Therefore it is profitable to change to paper ones.

  • Printed with own graphics, logos and messages actually helps the vendors to publicities itself. Is like giving out a self-introduction or a name card and charge for it.

  • Eco-friendly:

    • While paper is naturally renewable, recyclable, biodegradable by itself,

    • Our source of materials comes from reforestation plantations (reforestation). Effectively means that the product (trees) are manufactured (planted) over and over again (reforestation). Recycling the same land over generations – just like a paddy field.

  • User Friendly:

    • The quality of material used by Microwave Packaging Singapore are also washable and reusable.

    • The design

      • It is an award winning design for use in microwave cooking. (From freezer direct to microwave).

      • Keep warm for hours.

      • Interlocking safety handlings and more….

Food Containers made from eco-friendly paper
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