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Interlocking Safety Design

One of its unique feature of a trapezium shape is its “Big Top, Small Bottom” construction. The base of the cover is designed smaller than the top (mouth) of the base unit.
So, when closed, the cover wraps around the base unit tightly forming an interlocking cooperation.

During opening, press inwards the thumb hole of the base unit, the top (mouth) of the base unite becomes smaller than the (mouth) of the cover to open.

Operation simplicity and maximum safeties, opening and closing a thousand times..

See closing a HealthyPack within 3 seconds.

1. “Flip & Tab” design needs more then 10 seconds to close a box
2. Weak stacking capabilities.
3. Leaks are prone to contaminations.

Commonly known as Slaps and Tabs design box. “ST Box”. This design is difficult to use as the closing process is complicated and slow.

Generally, takes about 10 seconds to complete the closing process correctly. (4 sets of Slots and Tabs need to be bend, folded and push into interlock).

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