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Super Compression

Recipient of the Singapore Packaging Award & Asia Packaging Award (Beijing & Tokyo) HealthyPack design, although made from only 350 gsm paper board, it is capable of withstanding stacking weight of up to 45kg.

Ensuring arriving in perfect conditions. No torn corners, cracks or leaks. Zero damage – zero wastage.

How does it works?

Due to its patented cover that wrapped around the base when closed, combined with its trapezium shaped design of a “Big Top, Small Bottom”.

When stacked, the Small Bottom of the box above sits on the Big Top of the box below. Compression from the weight above creates a depression ‘hole’ and at the same time, effectively spreading evenly outwardly, working like a LEGO, maintaining an upright perpendicular position sturdily.

As such, stacked HealthyPack does not topple easily as compared to Non-wrapped around “Cover Over Base” design type of packaging.

See illustration below:

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